needhambThanks for stopping by. Enjoy my photography, cartoons, and sense of humor.  Many of these files can be purchased at Zazzle and Redbubble.
The photos can be found at: TSF-Photos,
the cartoons can be found at: Funny T-Shirts, Bowling T-Shirts,
and the newest store at Redbubble: TSFPhotoCartoon.
Follow me on Twitter at TSF-Photos-Cartoons

Look-Into-My-Good-Eye-AdRecently, I’ve put together a book of some of my stories, some of you may even enjoy, but some probably won’t.
But that’s okay. Here’s to Free Speech!
They include a peculiar, though a tad irreverent, collection of humorous stories on holidays, odd creatures and politics. All of these creatures have a lot to say, are far from normal, and may even be RUSSIANS!!! I have provided cartoon and photographic proof for the public. 
Look Into My Good Eye can be bought at The Book Patch

TSF stands for The Smoking’ Frog. I named my first site after my first cartoon on the site which was The Smokin’ Frog. I decided to reference it in some form on any site that would follow.
But below is a funnier sounding history of some of my cartoons:
In the beginning there were frogs in Ireland. But one managed to escape and come to America where he could smoke cigars freely, at least at the time he could. But time always marches on:


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