The Story Of The Bored Tiger

Once upon a time there was a tiger that live in a zoo. He was bored  because there were no other animals around for him to commiserate with. So it was quite boring. He looked forward to eating, that was pretty much his only exercise, and it broke up the monotony. He looked out at... Continue Reading →

Rudeness At The Boring Zoo

Well these two aren’t very nice. It’s bad enough we had to travel two hours to get to a zoo that had almost no animals, but the ones they did have, had bad attitudes. Where could they have picked up such unseemly behavior? Hmmm… Yes, these giraffes were rude, but not as rude as camels... Continue Reading →

Monkeying Around

You’ve heard of the brass monkey. Well this isn’t it. Look at this guy, he looks like some kind of Buddha, except in cardboard. I really liked the cardboard since it reminded me of a sculpture I made in art school of a foot. It was made up of a bunch of cut up cardboard... Continue Reading →

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