Woods In The Fog

The fog can get pretty thick around here at times. We live on the top of the Poconos and sometimes you can barely see a few feet in front of you, at best. Lately we had quite a bit of it. Once you get down the mountain it’s gone. It seems like something wise should... Continue Reading →

Gone Fishing

The little bird was busy the other day at Austin Blakeslee and I don’t know if he caught anything. But it was good to see that Spring finally came to my area. The woods had finally come to life. When I made it to the waterfalls there were a number of fishermen, besides the little... Continue Reading →

The Woods At Seven Tubbs

The forest at Seven Tubbs Natural Area is as beautiful as the gorge itself. I’ve only gone through a small portion of it, but I’m not dead yet, so there’s always more to see. But I should remind you, as I said in the previous post, you take your life in your hands visiting some... Continue Reading →

Into The Woods

What evil lurks within? We don’t know. But it was a thick woods, thicker than normal. There are lot’s of normal woods, somewhere, but not here. These were thick. We knew there would trouble. We warned this guy, “Don’t go in!” But he didn’t listen. He swore up and down he’d never been lost before.... Continue Reading →

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