Early Snow In The Poconos

We had some snow last Saturday, and again a couple of times during the week. It wasn't a lot, but last year we didn’t have any until we got that one big monster, that made up for the delay. In a couple of days it’s supposed to be warm again.

We Finally Got Big Snow

Yes we did, but we were so snowed in, we could not get out. We had such awful circumstances this time around. In my little community, we were down one maintenance guy because he broke a femur. Then our second guy does’t show up for hours for this huge snowfall, and when he does he’s... Continue Reading →

Make A Wish

We finally got some snow…some…snow. Not a lot, but we’ll take it. It seems to keep splitting this year when it gets to us. The north gets it, the south gets it, and it splits over us. The little we got was mixed with rain and it froze. Last night we were bombarded with ice... Continue Reading →

Winter at Bear Creek Falls

Bear Creek Falls in eastern Pennsylvania, is on the way to the very dry Francis E. Walter Dam. It’s located off of Rt. 115 just south of Wilkes Barre. It was frozen the 1st day but had no snow. We went back the next day after a light snowfall and also some sun. We really... Continue Reading →

Vintage Town Still Stays Beautiful

Winter may be gone but Jim Thorpe, PA  looks cool any time of year. It’s a quaint, colorful, old town nestled in the Pocono Mountains. I wish I could say all of the Poconos was beautiful, but it’s not. More and more garbage is being dumped everywhere. We can’t pick it up fast enough. Some even... Continue Reading →

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