A selfie is a picture you take of yourself. It is not a picture you take of someone else, that’s called a portrait. Selfies are apparently extremely important to human existence at this time in history. There can not be an event or activity without people snapping multitudes of selfies, sometimes in groups. Why someone... Continue Reading →

What Evil Lurks Behind The Pretty Windows

We stopped by the Blueberry Festival at Burnside Plantation in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. I was hoping for a lot of costumes but I didn’t see them. Maybe I came at the wrong time. It was a cool plantation and very crowded. But I got to tell you I thought the coolest shots I got were the... Continue Reading →

Christmas Window Reflections

Christmas Day we went for a walk in Jim Thorpe. The place was empty which is just the way I like it.  We wanted to see the decorations and windows. I love how you can capture reflections from the other side of the street, especially when no one is around. Here’s a few shots: Jim Thorpe... Continue Reading →

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