Dirty Huge Ice Chunks Of The Susquehanna

The Susquehanna River was wild this winter. The frozen ice broke up and attacked. The ice literally towers over everyone, it was tremendously high. It pushed up over the banks, crossed the street, and almost up to the houses on the other side. This side is really Kingston looking towards Wilkes Barre. On the Wilkes... Continue Reading →

The Luzerne County Court House

So, I asked myself, “Barbara”, I said, “there’s nothing in the middle of the seal. Where did it go?” “Hmmm…” I said to myself, “maybe it’s being repaired.” So after I worked on my photographs, I went online to see other photos and find out what is supposed to be in the middle of the... Continue Reading →

Seven Tubbs Natural Area In Summer

Here's another visit to Seven Tubbs Natural Area in Pennsylvania. It’s beautiful there. This time I had a longer lens, and this time I climbed under the bridge and out on the cliffs. I was able to get much closer. But getting back out was a little difficult. I’m stiff as a board and have... Continue Reading →

Men At Work

Many of the older towns in Pennsylvania are trying desperately to revive. Rebuilding, sculpting, and painting lots of murals is very common these days. In Wilkes Barre and Pittston we found these very agile wire men. In Wilkes Barre they were busy scaling this building. And why not? It’s there so “Hey look, a building.... Continue Reading →

Food Art In Wilkes Barre

We came across more cool murals and window reflections in Wilkes Barre. This was really well done and makes you hungry. It makes the area have a renewed look. Wilkes Barre is an old town but it’s trying to come back to life and it will succeed. They're pretty determined. When I turned around from... Continue Reading →

Seven Tubbs In Pennsylvania

Seven Tubbs Natural Area is a cool mini canyon just north of Wilkes Barre. The gorge has “tubbs” formed in the rock walls. It’s also a great hiking area. I understand bears make an appearance from time to time, but I’ve never seen one, thank God, I think. I’d like a picture of a bear,... Continue Reading →

All Things Must Die

Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania is old, really old. They’re trying to revive, but it’s a real battle. It used to be better off when coal was being produced in abundance, but not so much now. Coal is one of the new boogymen that people live on, but pretend they don’t. There is also a lot of... Continue Reading →

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