Tourist Etiquette Is In The Toilet

Once again on a trip to George Childs Park it started off fine. I was looking forward to seeing the waterfalls since it was a beautiful day. But the place had a ton of tourists. These particular tourists decided this was their “personal” falls. It was their space, and belonged to no one else. They... Continue Reading →

Gone Fishing

The little bird was busy the other day at Austin Blakeslee and I don’t know if he caught anything. But it was good to see that Spring finally came to my area. The woods had finally come to life. When I made it to the waterfalls there were a number of fishermen, besides the little... Continue Reading →

Into The Woods

What evil lurks within? We don’t know. But it was a thick woods, thicker than normal. There are lot’s of normal woods, somewhere, but not here. These were thick. We knew there would trouble. We warned this guy, “Don’t go in!” But he didn’t listen. He swore up and down he’d never been lost before.... Continue Reading →

George Childs Park In The Fall

George Childs Park is a beautiful park in north eastern Pennsylvania. It has a midsize waterfalls that was really flowing after the recent rain. We got there at the right time for color. So did a lot of other photographers. Since they were in no hurry to get out of the way I included them... Continue Reading →

A Recent Visit To Nay Aug Gorge

A recent visit to Nay Aug Gorge in Scranton, PA revealed much beauty and the unfortunate darker side of some hikers. Of course there is a darker side in the wilderness, because it’s dark and hides the sun a lot of the time. So that’s understandable. But it certainly has unsavory effects on some that... Continue Reading →

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