Shohola Falls

We’ve been to a number of falls lately. Actually, I should say I tried to find a number of falls lately. We did find Shohola Falls and got to look at the top. It really is steep but to get down to the bottom was impossible. Impossible for me. Someone did, I know that because... Continue Reading →

Looking For Hornbecks Creek Waterfalls

Well, we followed the instructions to find the three waterfalls along Hornbecks Creek. I’ll take the word of others that they exist, but we didn’t see three. From the pictures we saw the last one was supposed to be quite beautiful. Whether they would be beautiful now or not is questionable since it was pretty... Continue Reading →

Rushing Waters of Nay Aug

This week I’ll bet people would like to see a little less water. Texas and Florida certainly got whacked by Harvey and Irma. I pray they’re all able to get back on their feet soon. But here the flowing water looks great rushing through Nay Aug Gorge in Scranton. This is a beautiful scene with... Continue Reading →

Nature And Tourists In A Trance

I wasn’t trying to sneak up on this person. But she simply would not move. Apparently in this moment, hour, of time it was her waterfalls alone. I’ve run into that a lot. A long time ago I dated a guy who would go into a trance staring at a waterfalls. Well, it was the... Continue Reading →

The Mystery Of Glen Oko Falls

Look at these huge rocks. Within these huge rock mountains there are ominous caves. Clearly they’re not natural. But how could anyone make them? It certainly wasn’t anyone like this unsuspecting guy in his kayak down below, he’s a pip-squeak in comparison to these huge mountains. “Look up!” I screamed to him. But he couldn’t... Continue Reading →

Not Really Following The Rules

There are a ton falls and rivers around here to swim in and cliffs to jump off. Not legally of course, but what the heck. What are you going to do when the parents bring their children to these places to cool off? They plainly are not going to follow the rules. But what’s under... Continue Reading →

What Does This Mean?

What does the word "No" mean? Definition: used in notices or slogans forbidding or rejecting something specified. In this case it means: No Jumping No Rock Climbing No Swimming Well, apparently our parents and schools once again are failing us. Besides writing it, in case the little numbskulls can’t read (and why would we expect... Continue Reading →

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