The Reading Railroad Heritage Museum

We visited The Reading Railroad Heritage Museum recently and saw a lot of great old trains. The President of the Museum gave us a wonderful tour. It’s a non-profit corporation that is working hard to restore these wonderful trains. If you’re interested in visiting or helping them, here’s the address: The Reading Railroad Heritage Museum... Continue Reading →

Jim Thorpe Train

Jim Thorpe is a tourist town for sure. To live there you’ve got to love it. You’ve got to love tons of traffic, you’ve got to love not being able to leave town for anything, and if you managed to get out don’t count on getting home before nightfall. And you have to love trains.... Continue Reading →

Trains That Have Run Their Course

We all heard the story about “The Little Engine That Could”. He worked real hard to pull a long train over a steep mountain. He kept repeating the whole way, “I think I can, I think I can.” Basically it’s a story on determination. Well this isn’t that. These trains can’t, at least not anymore.... Continue Reading →

Cool Old Trains at Kempton

Took a short trip to Kempton, Pennsylvania to see a nice slice of history. Great trains have been restored and the work goes on. I wasn’t disappointed this time. But I must go back again, maybe in the fall for a ride through the autumn foliage. I been experimenting with different filters and learning new... Continue Reading →

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