World War II Weekend Faces

We went to the World War II Weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading. Here are a few of the great folks and faces we met. In case anyone doesn't know, we didn't know, the guys in blue uniforms were the Chinese Army. They were great. They were from New Jersey, like us. They... Continue Reading →

Iron Heritage Festival in Danville

Danville Pennsylvania held it’s Iron Heritage Festival a couple of weeks ago. It was a celebration of the Iron Age. The first Iron Foundry was established in Danville, back in 1829. The festival was nice and Danville had some interesting spots. There were lot’s of folks in period costumes running around, which I really love. The... Continue Reading →

1940’s Weekend At Eckley

Eckley Miners Village in Pennsylvania had it’s “Forties Weekend” show last week. It was fun as usual but I thought last year was better. So in light of that I’ve included some pictures from last year as well as this year. It’s always a great time at Eckley. It’s a cool old mining town These... Continue Reading →

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