The Mystery Of The Iron Furnaces Exposed

This is where they “supposedly” made iron to build America. Well don’t you believe it. This is where they cook people that don’t cooperate with the government. They want us to believe that our missing people just wandered off one day because they’re crazy, or maybe abducted by aliens (notice how the government keeps those... Continue Reading →

Walk Through Scranton

Recently we visited Scranton a couple of times. Here’s the first group of photographs. There’s a lot of old and new mixed in together. Of course the government buildings are always beautiful. They like to work in style. At least we know where our money goes.


Possibly the last car show of the season and my favorite. It was at Nay Aug Park in Scranton Pennsylvania and was smaller than the others but had more unique cars than I’ve seen before. AND NO SIGNS IN THE WINDOWS!!! Alright! It was great! Look at this replica of the child’s toy car next... Continue Reading →

A Recent Visit To Nay Aug Gorge

A recent visit to Nay Aug Gorge in Scranton, PA revealed much beauty and the unfortunate darker side of some hikers. Of course there is a darker side in the wilderness, because it’s dark and hides the sun a lot of the time. So that’s understandable. But it certainly has unsavory effects on some that... Continue Reading →

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