One Major Snowfall But Lasting Ice

Last couple of years we were creamed with snow. This year only one good one so far. Tomorrow we may get some, but not much. So, we have a lot of brown all over the place. Now, I like brown. I have brown shoes, brown pants, brown is okay, generally. But trees suck when all... Continue Reading →

Resica Falls Had A Beautiful Season

This season was great at Resica Falls. We actually got there when there was lot’s of water flowing, since we had so much rain in this area, and the brilliant color had started. Finally, we hit the jackpot, since this rarely happens, to get both at once. But the week after it comes, it’s gone.... Continue Reading →

Resica Falls

There are lot’s of cool falls in Pennsylvania. They're not all huge but they are beautiful. Resica Falls is part of the Scout Reservation in Pennsylvania. They allow access to the falls. The first time I went was after all of the leaves had fallen late last year. So I made a point of getting there... Continue Reading →

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