Heritage Day In Easton

We went to another terrific Heritage Day in Easton. They had a great crowd that Sunday. It starts with a parade up to the town square. And then one of the “revolutionaries” read the grievances, the Declaration of Independence, against King George III. It’s a nasty read. Our dear little snowflakes of today would probably... Continue Reading →

Kempton Civil War

Kempton Train Station had a Civil War Reenactment a few weeks ago, except there really wasn’t a reenactment. There was just a few folks in costume and there was a band. But it’s such a cool train station and General Grant was there. So it was a nice day all in all.

World War II Weekend Faces

We went to the World War II Weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading. Here are a few of the great folks and faces we met. In case anyone doesn't know, we didn't know, the guys in blue uniforms were the Chinese Army. They were great. They were from New Jersey, like us. They... Continue Reading →

Days Gone By

Re-enactments of times past. Some from Eckley Mining Village, others are from Heritage Day in Easton.  Living was much harder then, they made a lot of stuff. Today it’s easier, we push a lot of buttons, make friends with people that may not exist, and everybody loves each other. If we have different opinions everyone... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

We had a great time at the fabulous Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in Manheim PA. It was quite elaborate and beautiful. The actors were friendly and the costumes were phenomenal, colorful and unique. Keep in mind, it was 90 degrees in the morning! Unbearable! The costumes looked heavy but the actors were real pros. I only... Continue Reading →

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