Always Going Somewhere

We’re always going places. Paths and stairs are cool. Makes you wonder whats up there or around the corner. I'd say to myself “What up those stairs?” Or something like that. Sometimes a friend, sometimes someone you don’t want to see. If that’s the case, you don’t want to use a train, you want to... Continue Reading →

Beware of Killer Rabbits

We all knew the government has become very intrusive, but we never expected this: genetically modified rabbits! They’ve turned these poor creatures into harrowing spies. They don’t even look cute anymore. Look at it! It’s bone-chilling! Frightening! This is the problem with scientific advancements. Just because we can do something, should we do something? When... Continue Reading →

The Right To Bear/Bare Arms Explained

In this country we have the “right to bear arms.” But what does that mean? Pay close attention because this is very important. We have here our little rabbit friend from the local 2nd Amendment Club to demonstrate. First of all, it means we have the right to have weapons to defend ourselves. This was... Continue Reading →

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