Cool Musicians

We’ve run into a lot of cool musicians lately. Quiet Valley had some cool singers for Heritage Day. We heard the terrific Allentown Marching Band at the Macungie Car Show. And Alias was playing in Bethlehem and great players in Steamtown. They were all terrific.

Old Buildings From Long Ago

Old is old. Some of the photographs are from old farms and some are from an old mining village. But they’re all old. We’re all getting old, unless you’re looking up at the roots of daisies. But if you’re still room temperature, you’re getting older. Although I don’t always feel room temperature. I’m cold a lot... Continue Reading →

Take This Job And Shove It

Don’t like your job? Think your job sucks? Think your under appreciated? Don’t like getting your hands dirty? Long hours? Well baby, take a look at this one. Does your job suck this bad? I’ll bet it doesn’t. I’ve complained a lot in my life but I never had to do this. This could make... Continue Reading →

Heritage Day Was Another Hit

Heritage Day was another hit this year at Quiet Valley in Pennsylvania. There were lots of crafters and lots of period costumes. These folks also spent much time educating all who passed by, whether they want to hear or not, about the practices and crafters of a society that time has passed by. There were a... Continue Reading →

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