Behold: The Egg

Eggs have gotten a very bad rap in my lifetime. Though it wasn’t always this way. It’s common knowledge that they can’t hold their liquor very well. That’s the real reason Humpty Dumpty fell off of the wall. He’s fallen off of many things besides walls and may have been suffering from the “DTs”, as... Continue Reading →

Throw The Bums Out

bum: noun 1. person, after being elected to office, exhibits severe psychosis involving delusions of grandeur. 2. person with no particular purpose but has chosen to squat on public property as if they owned it. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be a bum.  Bums have all of the power and who doesn’t want... Continue Reading →

The Disappointment Party

It’s a perpetual election these days, it just never ends thanks to the media. And politicians seem to think their non-stop ads and non-stop phone calls will make us like them. Most people have lost their minds over them. But here’s some good news! Finally there’s a Party that can keep its promises! Disappointed in your... Continue Reading →

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