Men At Work

Many of the older towns in Pennsylvania are trying desperately to revive. Rebuilding, sculpting, and painting lots of murals is very common these days. In Wilkes Barre and Pittston we found these very agile wire men. In Wilkes Barre they were busy scaling this building. And why not? It’s there so “Hey look, a building.... Continue Reading →

Pittston’s “Inspiration Mural”

A lot of the old towns are trying to revive, in both business and appearance. Pittston is doing a great at both. Like a lot of towns around here they’re painting murals on old buildings. You can see three in this photograph. It’s always fun to stop in Pittston. Check out this great mural. You’d... Continue Reading →

Christmas Walk Through Pittston

We walked for a while in Pittston during the Christmas season. They have some great  window reflections and churches. There’s always some interesting folks to meet, like these three. Their job is done, and they did it well, so you can understand that they would be upset. But now it back to a dark closet.... Continue Reading →

Nothing Like A Good Tomato Fight

Everyone should be drenched in tomatoes at least once in their lives. Or at least vicariously, by watching others and then telling everyone you were there. Ahh, the lies, oh, I mean lives, we live. Well WE WERE THERE! at the 32nd Annual Pittston Tomato Festival in Pittston, Pennsylvania, the Tomato Capital of the World... Continue Reading →

Bridges Get Us From Here To There

Everyday we need to get from here to there. Sometimes there are big obstacles. These cool wire figures in Pittston Pennsylvania seemed to be climbing over the street and up the wall. I’m sure they’ll make it, they seem to be a determined lot. Sometimes it’s the need to get through deep or troubled waters.... Continue Reading →

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