Cool Musicians

We’ve run into a lot of cool musicians lately. Quiet Valley had some cool singers for Heritage Day. We heard the terrific Allentown Marching Band at the Macungie Car Show. And Alias was playing in Bethlehem and great players in Steamtown. They were all terrific.

Let The Music Play

These are some crooners and rockers from some recent festivals in North East Pennsylvania. The people loved them and a good time was held by all. Here are some wise thoughts on music: “Anything that is too stupid to be spoken is sung.” Voltaire “Audiences like their blues singers to be miserable.” Janis Joplin “What... Continue Reading →

Let The Music Play

The Pocono State Craft Festival was held last weekend at Quiet Valley. (Although, I didn’t know Pocono was a state, but okay.) This year was the best I’ve been to. They had a swing band that was terrific. I motioned to the trumpet player my camera and he really went to town for me. I... Continue Reading →

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