Steam Train Came Back

Labor Day Weekend the Steam Train came back to Jim Thorpe. It’s always a thrill to see it. I spoke to the conductor again and told him I got great shots of him last time. He joked and said he probably broke my camera. He really has a great smile. Of course some loon had... Continue Reading →

Shopping and Fun in Jim Thorpe

It is a big tourist town. No, I got that wrong, it’s not a big town, just big on tourists. Sometimes you can’t get in or out if you do get in. It’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there with all the traffic. I should know since I go... Continue Reading →

The Packer Mansions

We visited the Packer Mansions the other day. They’re high on a hill in the heart of Jim Thorpe. There are two of them, Harry Packer Mansion and Asa Packer Mansion. They’re really beautiful and the grounds are full of gorgeous flowers especially rhododendrons. From here you can overlook the town and see Saint Mark’s... Continue Reading →

Jim Thorpe Train

Jim Thorpe is a tourist town for sure. To live there you’ve got to love it. You’ve got to love tons of traffic, you’ve got to love not being able to leave town for anything, and if you managed to get out don’t count on getting home before nightfall. And you have to love trains.... Continue Reading →

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Jim Thorpe had a really great parade last Sunday. We met lots of friendly people that generally liked to have their picture taken. They had crazy hats and costumes and were in a real party mood.

It Was A Dry Christmas

It was dry and warm this year in the east. No snow to be seen. Zip, zero, nada, a great big goose egg. Here’s Jim Thorpe dry as a bone. Too warm to stay inside and read. But at least there was a representative from the North Pole to wish us well. But I don’t... Continue Reading →

Jim Thorpe In Fall Colors

Jim Thorpe is slightly south and in the valley from where I live. Their color came a bit later than us. First I went there a little too early and there was almost no color yet. But there was one blazing orange tree at Aza Packer’s Mansion. You could see it from the parking lot... Continue Reading →

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