Hickory Run In Summer

It was nice and quite in Hickory Run State Park on a recent visit. I love that way. Just before Summer, and the humidity really hits, the park seems like it’s all to myself. I went to Hawk Falls, out to the Ranger Station with it’s cool little pond and falls, and to the edge... Continue Reading →


Well, it took a while coming this year but when it did it sure made up for the lost time. We got 15 inches, a short ride north only got an inch, but just a few minutes south of us were whacked. Over 30 inches and further south worse. I have no idea where they... Continue Reading →

Hawk Falls, All To Myself

The crowds haven’t come yet to go swimming. It was nice and quiet. One other couple with there with their dog, but that was all. Nice. There was plenty of color and the humidity had not cranked up yet. Since no one was there I was able to get shots from the top of the falls. It... Continue Reading →

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