Heritage Day In Easton

We went to another terrific Heritage Day in Easton. They had a great crowd that Sunday. It starts with a parade up to the town square. And then one of the “revolutionaries” read the grievances, the Declaration of Independence, against King George III. It’s a nasty read. Our dear little snowflakes of today would probably... Continue Reading →

Some Faces From Heritage Day

Every year Easton Pennsylvania celebrates Heritage Day. They have costumes from the Civil War, World War I and II, and the different times they lived in. Easton was one of the three places where the Declaration of Independence was originally read, so they have a reenactment of the reading. We whizzed in and out for... Continue Reading →

Heritage Day Was Another Hit

Heritage Day was another hit this year at Quiet Valley in Pennsylvania. There were lots of crafters and lots of period costumes. These folks also spent much time educating all who passed by, whether they want to hear or not, about the practices and crafters of a society that time has passed by. There were a... Continue Reading →

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