Bridges Get Us From Here To There

Everyday we need to get from here to there. Sometimes there are big obstacles. These cool wire figures in Pittston Pennsylvania seemed to be climbing over the street and up the wall. I’m sure they’ll make it, they seem to be a determined lot. Sometimes it’s the need to get through deep or troubled waters.... Continue Reading →

Benches, Rocking Chairs, and the Secrets They’ve Heard

Benches seem to say “Sit on me and rest for a while.” If they could talk they probably would have a lot of stories to tell. Lot’s of secrets to embrace. Lot’s of gossip to pass on. Today of course we must know they’re probably all bugged by the CIA. At least, according to the... Continue Reading →

Commandments Of God Officially Outlawed

Now that all of the Commandments of God have been officially outlawed, what’s the administration’s next step? They’re already suing nuns, will they corral up all of the Christians next and execute us? I don’t mean the goofy kind of Christians that jump out of their seats every time T.D.Jakes comes up with another useless,... Continue Reading →

Redistribution Policies Nearing Completion

The President’s redistribution policies are working great.  Many that never had a penny to their name are suddenly finding themselves in the 1% class. The pursuit of alternate energy has provided us with many new groups that we can now demean. Take those of the aquatic species. They’re receiving great prices for their algae. They’ve... Continue Reading →

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