We Love Animals In Black And White

This is why we love animals. When none of your friends want to do anything with you just grab a goat or penguin or any kind animal and go, they’re always up for a good time. They like fast cars. Well who doesn’t. I know I do and I have the tickets to prove it.... Continue Reading →

The Problem With Public Swimming

Summer may be over but for some the problems remain. The highfalutin among us prefer their beach to be more private regardless of whether the season is over or not. We all know who those pompous folks are. Here we see the beach filled with all the riffraff clearly disregarding the prohibition along with the... Continue Reading →

The Mystery Of Glen Oko Falls

Look at these huge rocks. Within these huge rock mountains there are ominous caves. Clearly they’re not natural. But how could anyone make them? It certainly wasn’t anyone like this unsuspecting guy in his kayak down below, he’s a pip-squeak in comparison to these huge mountains. “Look up!” I screamed to him. But he couldn’t... Continue Reading →

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