Canals Of Easton

Easton in at the junction of the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers. The canals are so cool and old. You can usually find fishermen there. The color photograph is of Easton from the canals and the black and white is New Jersey from the Easton side.  

Gone Fishing

The little bird was busy the other day at Austin Blakeslee and I don’t know if he caught anything. But it was good to see that Spring finally came to my area. The woods had finally come to life. When I made it to the waterfalls there were a number of fishermen, besides the little... Continue Reading →

Resica Falls

There are lot’s of cool falls in Pennsylvania. They're not all huge but they are beautiful. Resica Falls is part of the Scout Reservation in Pennsylvania. They allow access to the falls. The first time I went was after all of the leaves had fallen late last year. So I made a point of getting there... Continue Reading →

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