Fish Know How To Stay Calm

Fish are calm, everyone knows that. Have you ever seen a fish that wasn’t calm? No. Unless of course you count ones that caught a fungus or some other disease and they start gasping for air. That’s probably unpleasant. And then of course there’s the wild ones in the ocean that have some big, mama-jama... Continue Reading →

What’s The Secret To Happiness?

As I’ve explained before, I’ve learned a lot from my fish over the years. These fish are really living it up. Happy, happy all of the time. The president must be right, the economy is going great. You can tell, because that’s no cheap cigar he’s got there. It’s a Cuban. We can go down... Continue Reading →

Wisdom From Below

Who knew fish were so wise? Well they are. This fish calendar proves it. It’s not exactly on par with Holy Scripture, heck, it’s not even equal to Aesop’s Fables. But they sure do give pretty darn good advice considering all these guys do is float back and forth all day long, and then do... Continue Reading →

Fish Have Problems Too

I’ve studied fish a lot. So I’ve decided to interview my fish to see if there was anything that actually went on in their minds. Well, as we have observed, there’s a lot of nothing going on in a lot of human minds these days, so I thought I would try aquatic life. They seem... Continue Reading →

Resica Falls

There are lot’s of cool falls in Pennsylvania. They're not all huge but they are beautiful. Resica Falls is part of the Scout Reservation in Pennsylvania. They allow access to the falls. The first time I went was after all of the leaves had fallen late last year. So I made a point of getting there... Continue Reading →

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