What Evil Lurks Behind The Pretty Windows

We stopped by the Blueberry Festival at Burnside Plantation in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. I was hoping for a lot of costumes but I didn’t see them. Maybe I came at the wrong time. It was a cool plantation and very crowded. But I got to tell you I thought the coolest shots I got were the... Continue Reading →

The Evil Easter Bunny: A Disturbing Children’s Fairy Tale

The Easter Bunny community is up in arms. It seems that one of their offspring came out deformed. He doesn’t have the Easter Bunny generosity gene. He’s a renegade, a punk, a black sheep. It’s hard for the community to admit it, but one of their own is a selfish little brat, and won’t share... Continue Reading →

A tribute To The Color GREEN!

Herewith a tribute to the color GREEN! Hail, Hail. The highly beloved color of frogs, Ireland, and money. What a resume. St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to remember how the color of green has influenced our lives.  First of all, let’s face it, people look good in green. Look at Washington, Lincoln and... Continue Reading →

The Saga of Qu Pidditsky

Once upon a time in a land far away, a child was born with a troublesome deformity, at least as far as his family was concerned. He had wings coming out of his shoulder blades. Now, everyone would agree, that they could provide great transportation, even better than mass transit, with virtually no carbon footprint... Continue Reading →

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