Canals Of Easton

Easton in at the junction of the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers. The canals are so cool and old. You can usually find fishermen there. The color photograph is of Easton from the canals and the black and white is New Jersey from the Easton side.  

Heritage Day In Easton

We went to another terrific Heritage Day in Easton. They had a great crowd that Sunday. It starts with a parade up to the town square. And then one of the “revolutionaries” read the grievances, the Declaration of Independence, against King George III. It’s a nasty read. Our dear little snowflakes of today would probably... Continue Reading →

Bridges of Easton

There’s a lot of them. Easton is located at the junction of the Lehigh River and the Delaware River. It’s an old city but it has lot’s of history and historic places in it. And lot’s of bridges.

Bacon Festival in Easton

We went to a Bacon Festival in Easton recently. Yes these folks will celebrate anything. But bacon is really good, so why not. They had “bacon everything”. They even had Bacon Floss and Toothpicks. I’m not real sure, but I think that just might defeat the purpose of flossing your teeth. But what do I... Continue Reading →

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