Talented Crafters

We came across a lot of great crafters lately. They’re very brave to sit out in public with the world watching. Well maybe not the world, but it felt like that when I went to art school. When a teacher would come by to watch, I froze, and started to talk to him about…anything. Critique... Continue Reading →

Heritage Day Was Another Hit

Heritage Day was another hit this year at Quiet Valley in Pennsylvania. There were lots of crafters and lots of period costumes. These folks also spent much time educating all who passed by, whether they want to hear or not, about the practices and crafters of a society that time has passed by. There were a... Continue Reading →

Faces From The Folk Festival

Kutztown, PA had their annual Pennsylvania Folk Festival. We haven't been there in years and it has grown quite large. It’s seems to be mostly an eating event, people like to eat. There were some cool looking characters and nice people who let mw take their pictures. They look even better with the color desaturated.... Continue Reading →

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