There are bad days and then there are really bad days. Some people claim they’re always positive and never have a bad day. They tell us they can’t be around negative people. They must live a charmed life with no problems. Some of us would refer to them as delusional. I certainly would. Definition of... Continue Reading →

The Origin Of The Drunken Leprechauns Club

It’s that time of year again and the Leprechauns are out and drinking themselves silly. Take this Leprechaun, Pat. You wouldn’t believe his story. Now, keep in mind, that Leprechauns are a strange lot to begin with. But Pat, was a special case. Not so very long ago Pat had nothing. This is unusual for... Continue Reading →

The Shark Bites With His Teeth

Did you know that sharks bite with their teeth, dear? Well they do, but what else would you expect them to do? They can’t bite with their fins, or eyes, or nose. No. It has to be with their teeth. This is common knowledge today. We’ve studied them and now know this to be true.... Continue Reading →

What Do Turkeys Talk About?

Turkeys make a lot of noise, but is that all that it is…noise? It sounds the same to us, but is it all the same to them? They seem to follow a leader, much like humans do. If the leader is good and can get them over the river and through the woods safely, they’ll... Continue Reading →

Cheese Is Good For You!

We all know the health benefits of cheese. You would have to have been living under a rock not to know them by now. Surely you’ve seen the food pyramid. You know how chocolate is right at the top, that’s because it’s real good for you. And right underneath it is cheese, obviously for the... Continue Reading →

Only in America!

Only in America! Only in America can a Marxist, criminal from Arkansas be considered the top choice to be president. Hillary Clinton has one of the most corrupt pasts in politics. She has lied, cheated, stolen, and destroyed all who got in her way, to get to the top. She’s been declared the “smartest woman... Continue Reading →

The Nasty Lions Club

A Public Service Bulletin From The Nasty Lions Club: The Nasty Lions Club is the nation’s most revolting assembly. They’re nasty and don’t care what anyone thinks of them. They speak their mind whenever they feel like it. They especially speak against the politicians frequently because politicians really get them mad. And the club doesn’t... Continue Reading →

Dark Alley Terrorism Confirmed!

This is a real phenomena. It should not be taken lightly and we really shouldn’t make fun of it. It’s been known for years but never proved. But now, thanks to modern technologies (phone cameras) we’ve got bona fide proof. Bowling Alleys are no place for anyone to hang out, especially after dark. Here we... Continue Reading →

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