Thugs Seize Bowling Alleys Of America!

Well this just can’t be good! The Bowling Times, Your Source For Daily Paranoia, has just published a warning for all bowlers in America and should be taken seriously: “GOVERNMENT WARNING! A insolent looking gang of thugs have seized the bowling alleys of America. They were founded by a couple of pinheads that were tired... Continue Reading →

The Pinhead Problem Has Just Gotten Bigger

Iran isn’t our biggest problem. No it's not! Little did anyone know that in many dark alleys in our fair land of the free, there are stashed many weapons of mass destruction. Really! There are many creatures that some would call “Pinheads” (even though that is a very mean name to call anyone). These outcasts... Continue Reading →

Attack Of The Pinheads!

It was late. The game was almost over...almost. The Pinheads had just about enough. They had one ball too many thrown at them. They had too many names yelled at them. No matter what they did, it just wasn't good enough. Now was the time for action. They would stage a revolt. They would demand... Continue Reading →

Dark Alley Terrorism Confirmed!

This is a real phenomena. It should not be taken lightly and we really shouldn’t make fun of it. It’s been known for years but never proved. But now, thanks to modern technologies (phone cameras) we’ve got bona fide proof. Bowling Alleys are no place for anyone to hang out, especially after dark. Here we... Continue Reading →

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