We Love Animals In Black And White

This is why we love animals. When none of your friends want to do anything with you just grab a goat or penguin or any kind animal and go, they’re always up for a good time. They like fast cars. Well who doesn’t. I know I do and I have the tickets to prove it.... Continue Reading →

Days Gone By

Re-enactments of times past. Some from Eckley Mining Village, others are from Heritage Day in Easton.  Living was much harder then, they made a lot of stuff. Today it’s easier, we push a lot of buttons, make friends with people that may not exist, and everybody loves each other. If we have different opinions everyone... Continue Reading →

Processing Natural Gas

Sunoco Oil processed gasoline, diesel, and kerosene for more than a century at this plant in Marcus Hook. Now Sunoco Logistics Partners has converted it into a site that processes natural gas.  

Sometimes It’s Best To Play Dead

It’s always good to have a friend to give you sound advice, someone to tell you when it’s time to duck. Like these two little penguins. It’s pretty obvious what the tall one is telling the other. Body language is so revealing. Let’s listen in: “Sometimes hiding is your best option.” Oh, I can certainly... Continue Reading →

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