Winter at Bear Creek Falls

Bear Creek Falls in eastern Pennsylvania, is on the way to the very dry Francis E. Walter Dam. It’s located off of Rt. 115 just south of Wilkes Barre. It was frozen the 1st day but had no snow. We went back the next day after a light snowfall and also some sun. We really... Continue Reading →

Bear Creek Falls And The Flood

Bear Creek Falls has water again. Water has returned in a big way to Northeast Pennsylvania. Now it's the opposite, many are flooded. Their basements are flooded. Roads are flooded and falling apart, but then they have been for years. PennDOT SUCKS Big Time! Everything is flooded. Floods sometimes makes us remember the Biblical flood.... Continue Reading →

Last Gasp of Winter

Hopefully! What a year. I can’t take any more Global Warming! Shoveling, shoveling, shoveling! Everyone’s back is shot! Chiropractors surely had a good year. Salt and sand producers too. The New England area was whammed. We don’t really know if it’s still there. There have been some reports that they are, but we must wait to... Continue Reading →

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