Rudeness At The Boring Zoo

Well these two aren’t very nice. It’s bad enough we had to travel two hours to get to a zoo that had almost no animals, but the ones they did have, had bad attitudes. Where could they have picked up such unseemly behavior? Hmmm… Yes, these giraffes were rude, but not as rude as camels... Continue Reading →

Monkeying Around

You’ve heard of the brass monkey. Well this isn’t it. Look at this guy, he looks like some kind of Buddha, except in cardboard. I really liked the cardboard since it reminded me of a sculpture I made in art school of a foot. It was made up of a bunch of cut up cardboard... Continue Reading →

Frightful County Fairs

The county fair season is almost over. People like them a lot. But I wondered if the same people come back year after year? Or do they have to bring in new clientele to survive? So after much investigation, I have uncovered unseemly secrets about “some” of these so-called “fairs”. It’s all a trap. People... Continue Reading →

Men In Skirts

Well what do you think? Are they hot? As a person from Irish decent, and a tad of Scottish thrown in for good measure, I think I have a right to say what I want about it. I never got it. I never got it. But without being tooooo critical, Bethlehem had it’s huge Celtic... Continue Reading →

Throw The Bums Out

bum: noun 1. person, after being elected to office, exhibits severe psychosis involving delusions of grandeur. 2. person with no particular purpose but has chosen to squat on public property as if they owned it. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be a bum.  Bums have all of the power and who doesn’t want... Continue Reading →

Trains That Have Run Their Course

We all heard the story about “The Little Engine That Could”. He worked real hard to pull a long train over a steep mountain. He kept repeating the whole way, “I think I can, I think I can.” Basically it’s a story on determination. Well this isn’t that. These trains can’t, at least not anymore.... Continue Reading →


Possibly the last car show of the season and my favorite. It was at Nay Aug Park in Scranton Pennsylvania and was smaller than the others but had more unique cars than I’ve seen before. AND NO SIGNS IN THE WINDOWS!!! Alright! It was great! Look at this replica of the child’s toy car next... Continue Reading →

Thugs Seize Bowling Alleys Of America!

Well this just can’t be good! The Bowling Times, Your Source For Daily Paranoia, has just published a warning for all bowlers in America and should be taken seriously: “GOVERNMENT WARNING! A insolent looking gang of thugs have seized the bowling alleys of America. They were founded by a couple of pinheads that were tired... Continue Reading →

Let The Music Play

The Pocono State Craft Festival was held last weekend at Quiet Valley. (Although, I didn’t know Pocono was a state, but okay.) This year was the best I’ve been to. They had a swing band that was terrific. I motioned to the trumpet player my camera and he really went to town for me. I... Continue Reading →

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