Das Awkscht Fescht 2016 In Macungie

Macungie had their Das Awkscht Fescht 2016 this past month and it was terrific as always. There were a ton of cars, but not quite as many as last year. Check out the third photograph. As much as I love to get into politics and I think the Constitution is pretty good and needs to... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

We had a great time at the fabulous Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in Manheim PA. It was quite elaborate and beautiful. The actors were friendly and the costumes were phenomenal, colorful and unique. Keep in mind, it was 90 degrees in the morning! Unbearable! The costumes looked heavy but the actors were real pros. I only... Continue Reading →

Some Faces From Heritage Day

Every year Easton Pennsylvania celebrates Heritage Day. They have costumes from the Civil War, World War I and II, and the different times they lived in. Easton was one of the three places where the Declaration of Independence was originally read, so they have a reenactment of the reading. We whizzed in and out for... Continue Reading →

Take This Job And Shove It

Don’t like your job? Think your job sucks? Think your under appreciated? Don’t like getting your hands dirty? Long hours? Well baby, take a look at this one. Does your job suck this bad? I’ll bet it doesn’t. I’ve complained a lot in my life but I never had to do this. This could make... Continue Reading →

The Zoo Of Statues

Philadelphia Zoo has almost no animals. They have lots of statues of animals, some that they have and some they don’t. Lot's they don't. They also have lot’s of pictures. I like pictures. But it is a zoo and not a museum. “Here little Johnny and Suzy, look. This is what an elephant would look... Continue Reading →

The Dilemma Of The Itch

Oh geez, that itch is back again. Oh c’mon, c’mon, oh man, I just…can’t…reach…it. Oh my gosh, it’s…like…it’s moving around. I can’t get in there. Oh man, my neck is killing me. Oh, oh…almost…oh…I…think I got it. Shiesh! Just getting up in the morning is getting more and more exhausting.

Renaissance Fair In West End

We went to the Renaissance Fair In West End, Gilbert, Pennsylvania. This was the first time there was one in my area. The costumes and actors were great. Unfortunately not many people came. I was hoping it would be a big hit so they would come back yearly. But it was on for two weekends... Continue Reading →

The Poop Kings

They own it all. It’s all theirs. Watch where you step. Really! Here we see them replicating themselves…little, soon to be, Poopers. They can’t help themselves, well who can? They watch, they hear, they stare you down. Get too close and they attack. Run…anywhere…and you step in it big time. Disgusting. It’s their built-in defense... Continue Reading →

Dubious Animals

Recently I’ve run into more than a few animals with different things on their minds. Food, of course was one of them, and cake was at the top of the list. Well of course it is, since it’s at the top of everyone’s list, that is, if they’re normal. I will admit there's a lot of... Continue Reading →

Fish Know How To Stay Calm

Fish are calm, everyone knows that. Have you ever seen a fish that wasn’t calm? No. Unless of course you count ones that caught a fungus or some other disease and they start gasping for air. That’s probably unpleasant. And then of course there’s the wild ones in the ocean that have some big, mama-jama... Continue Reading →

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