Look Into My Good Eye Buy at http://thebp.site/215800 I’ve put together a book of some of my stories that some of you may even enjoy, some won't. But that's okay. Here's to free speech. They include a peculiar, though a tad irreverent, collection of humorous stories on holidays, odd creatures and politics. All of these... Continue Reading →

Not Really Following The Rules

There are a ton falls and rivers around here to swim in and cliffs to jump off. Not legally of course, but what the heck. What are you going to do when the parents bring their children to these places to cool off? They plainly are not going to follow the rules. But what’s under... Continue Reading →

Newspeak Is Alive, Well, And The Norm Today

Have you noticed how some people get mad if you have a different opinion than they have? They just can’t say, “Well I disagree.” They say instead “You’re intolerant.” It’s remarkably like George Orwell’s “Newspeak”. They then feel it’s their life’s mission to call you out on your intolerance by charging you with numerous accusations,... Continue Reading →

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