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I’ve put together a book of some of my stories, some of you may even enjoy, but some probably won’t. But that’s okay. Here’s to Free Speech!

They include a peculiar, though a tad irreverent, collection of humorous stories on holidays, odd creatures and politics. All of these creatures have a lot to say, are far from normal, and may even be RUSSIANS!!! I have provided cartoon and photographic proof for the public. 

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Land of the Bee People

Bees can be scary, especially to these caterpillars. But the Caterpillars were finally rescued and will never be afraid again.

I’ve included the original book that I wrote and illustrated when I was about 6-7 yrs. old, a very, very, very, very, long time ago. Apparently spelling was not my strong suit at that time. It’s a little better now.

Just consider it two books for the price of one.

I hope you enjoyed the stories. Best wishes.

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The Secret Clubhouse

There is a Secret Clubhouse in Woodland Falls. But someone managed to find it. This could be a real problem…or maybe not.

These guys look a little anxious.

One day, on the way home from Pennsylvania, I wrote “The Secret Clubhouse” and have no idea why. But then, I have no idea why I’ve done a lot of things in my life, so why change now? There’s no reason for such extremist actions at this point since things could always get much worse.
But I hope you enjoyed it. Best wishes!

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Words, phrases and concepts that are so overused they make us want to scream.

If you’re easily offended do not read this book. It will definitely offend you and I really don’t care about that, so don’t send me any complaints.


It’s about the current pablum that the Orwellians have forced on us, and we so easily gave in to it. They’ve taken over all politics, culture, schools, conversation and the church. We must comply or we will be banned from society. However, I have strong opinions on orthodox Christianity, the Constitution and politics, traditional morals and ethics and have assembled some complaints here. 

Some of these words, phrases and concepts are limited to certain trades, some are cultural, some are religious, some are from recent political events, some will cross categories but with a slightly different slant. But they really annoy me, and maybe they’ve annoyed you too. 

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