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I’ve put together a book of some of my stories, some of you may even enjoy, but some probably won’t. But that’s okay. Here’s to Free Speech!

They include a peculiar, though a tad irreverent, collection of humorous stories on holidays, odd creatures and politics. All of these creatures have a lot to say, are far from normal, and may even be RUSSIANS!!! I have provided cartoon and photographic proof for the public. 

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Land of the Bee People

Bees can be scary, especially to these caterpillars. But the Caterpillars were finally rescued and will never be afraid again.

I’ve included the original book that I wrote and illustrated when I was about 6-7 yrs. old, a very, very, very, very, long time ago. Apparently spelling was not my strong suit at that time. It’s a little better now.

Just consider it two books for the price of one.

I hope you enjoyed the stories. Best wishes.

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The Secret Clubhouse

There is a Secret Clubhouse in Woodland Falls. But someone managed to find it. This could be a real problem…or maybe not.

These guys look a little anxious.

One day, on the way home from Pennsylvania, I wrote “The Secret Clubhouse” and have no idea why. But then, I have no idea why I’ve done a lot of things in my life, so why change now? There’s no reason for such extremist actions at this point since things could always get much worse.
But I hope you enjoyed it. Best wishes!

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Words, phrases and concepts that are so overused they make us want to scream.

If you’re easily offended do not read this book. It will definitely offend you and I really don’t care about that, so don’t send me any complaints.


It’s about the current pablum that the Orwellians have forced on us, and we so easily gave in to it. They’ve taken over all politics, culture, schools, conversation and the church. We must comply or we will be banned from society. However, I have strong opinions on orthodox Christianity, the Constitution and politics, traditional morals and ethics and have assembled some complaints here. 

Some of these words, phrases and concepts are limited to certain trades, some are cultural, some are religious, some are from recent political events, some will cross categories but with a slightly different slant. But they really annoy me, and maybe they’ve annoyed you too. 

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The Kings of Delusions

“We control the vertical. We control the horizontal.” There was a wild TV show years ago that said something like that. Now it’s true. We are a controlled, deluded, seduced people. We’re seduced by anything and everything. We may know a few of the culprits, a few kings, but not all, and we may never know them all. But we certainly are being played.

Inside are my thoughts on who’s playing us, how many culprits there are, and how they do it. I’m sure, comrade, you can come up with many, many more of your own.

Our controllers should not scare us. Catching them in action is our only line of defense. Ultimately they’ll all die and face our Creator just like us, though they seem to be unaware of that fact. The day is ripe, we must act on it or we’re done.

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The Variants Will Kill Us

If you consider yourself a Christian, have you ever stopped to evaluate what you or your church actually believes when compared to the Words of Scripture? Most churches today major in variants of the Word of the Lord. Some in minor ways and some in deadly ways. If they’re really eternally deadly, do you even care? Do you question what you hear? Most don’t. Why not? How many variants can we believe and still be in the Christian faith? I’ve been in a number of denominations. Not one sticks to the Words of Scripture. Yet each one thinks they are the ones that speak and teach the Word of the Lord truthfully. They teach some of God’s Word, and then they don’t. They have adopted traditions of men. This is bad enough for and in the church. But how do the variants of Scripture affect the rest of society? When Christians choose to believe traditions of men instead of Scripture, the whole world suffers. Judgment begins with the house of God. Since we don’t question ministers, it follows that we won’t question politicians, doctors or teachers.

There’s nothing good to say about the variants I’ve listed, so instead I offer you a boatload of sarcasm and irreverence for your enjoyment. However, if you’re overly sensitive, with no sense of humor, this is NOT a book for you.

This book is exclusively directed at Christians and should be considered Part two of “The Kings of Delusions” available here at

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The Devil Has Come Down To Us

If Jesus is the truth, and all Scripture is about Him, why do so many that claim to be Christians believe diametrically opposed views? Why are we afraid to ask questions? If we asked more questions we would believe the truth. The whole culture suffers because the church has little to do with the Christ of Scripture. The devil mocks us, the culture mocks us and now our president mocks us. For some reason we take it, but we shouldn’t. If it’s a lie we believe it without question. We’re on the verge of repeating Nazi Germany and Stalin’s USSR and too many put gene altering shots into their bodies because the government said too. 

Jesus said all men are liars, this includes the government. It seems we would call our Lord a liar before we would call our government liars. This is not going to end well.

This book is exclusively directed at Christians and should be considered Part Three of “The Kings of Delusions” available here at and Part Two “The Variants Will Kill Us” at

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Something Wicked This Way Came

This is the fourth and last book in this series on the deceptions that control our lives. The creator of deceptions is the devil, he is the father of lies, in the church and in the secular culture. In obedience to him, many elected politicians and our government agencies have been active in facilitating the murder of Americans. Once upon a time we trusted these people. Like the FBI, CIA, NIH, NIAID, FDA, our senators, congresspersons and the president. They are our employees but now their allegiance seems to be to the devil himself. Trusting them put our lives at risk and many died. If we think they care about us we’re delusional. After four years of President Trump exposing what’s under our dirty sheets, and two years of rolling around in the filth of Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia, we now know our whole government is an organized crime syndicate. Any time along the way, Christians could have stopped the mass execution of our neighbors. But we didn’t. After experiencing first hand what I had previously written about I decided that the general public should suffer through another one of my “highly acclaimed” books.

I try to make light of it with satire and sarcasm ( like that “highly acclaimed” stuff). However, if you’re overly sensitive, with no sense of humor, and a big fan of totalitarianism, this is NOT a book for you. 

This is Part Four of “The Kings of Delusions” available here at and Part Two “The Variants Will Kill Us” at and Part Three “The Devil Has Come Down To Us” at

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