Never Underestimate The Power Of The Need To Suffer

“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” Nazi Dr. Joseph Mengele, known as the “Angel of Death.”

Under the fake pandemic, many governors and their administrations took part in an absolute assault on the little people. Governor Wolf in Pennsylvania was one of them. Along with his administration, he was responsible for the deaths of 1000s of people in nursing homes. “They were old, so what did it matter, right?” Is that what he thought? He and his administration massacred 1000s of businesses. “They weren’t part of the elite, so what did it matter, right?” Is that what he thought? His administration went on a full frontal assault on sanity. Mr. Rachael Levine is a walking embarrassment. He and the Wolf administration are facilitating the mutilate of our children.

Mr. Josh Shapiro openly insinuated in 2020 that they were going to cheat and they did. Mr. John Fetterman’s brain injury has hampered his ability to lie. These 2 men took part in the massacre that is the Wolf regime.
But they were elected in the 2022 Election.

All of the Wolf, Levine, Fetterman, and Shapiro regime support the Biden regime. He came to destroy the Republic, he said he would, and he’s been very successful. He’s a commiefascist. They’re all part of the Great Reset crowd and they want only one billion people on the planet. So they have to get rid of a lot of people. The fake pandemic and their kill shots helped in that direction. This is all written down it’s not a conspiracy theory. THEY WROTE IT ALL DOWN AND THEN THEY DID IT.

The massive inflation that is crushing us started the moment Biden took office. He killed our oil pipelines and inflation was off to a roaring start. It had NOTHING to do with Putin. Biden then caused Mr. Zelenskyy to go to war with Putin. WE CAUSED IT!!! We also blew up the Russian pipeline. We are contributing to millions freezing this winter.

Fetterman and Shapiro will continue to wipe out 1000s of jobs and waste the massive oil reserves that are right under our feet all for mythical energy. They will be a big asset to the killing machine that is Mr. Biden. They will also continue the medical and pharmaceutical assault on the citizens with lies and toxic poisons. They have no concern for the little people at all.

Not any of this suffering needed to happen nor to continue, but Mr. Fetterman and Mr. Shapiro will continue this suffering and attack the little people even more.

And they were elected in the 2022 Election.

This is because many people have an obvious need to suffer. And the very people that cause their suffering tell them how they’ll fight for them. These little people believe them. They will continue to suffer and they may never figure out why or who is actually doing it. Nor do they have a clue what that means. What will they fight for and against whom will they fight? Who knows.

But it is a strange psychosis. This psychosis should be feared by any sane people that are left in the country.
They’re coming for us.

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