Gloria Steinem, Did You Really Fight For This?

Did you really fight for women’s rights? We know you’re on the left politically, and that’s okay. But was any of the “Women’s Rights Movement” true? Tell us Gloria. You’re still alive, right? Surely you must see what has happened to women. Or did you really fight for the decimation of women? Did you really fight to make sure they knew their place and kept it? Did you really fight for depravity to reign over them?

“A drag queen for every school.” Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel shouted this recently. Dana is not a man but a woman. A woman screams for men in dresses in every school. What could go wrong with that?

Men are crushing us again Gloria. We’re still 2nd class citizens, maybe 3rd or 4th class. Even that bright light in the White House basically told us to keep our place and embrace men in dresses. They have more rights than real women. Joey doesn’t care whose hair he sniffs. Joey even hired one of these men to tell us about health, really, (apparently not mental health or spiritual health). This doesn’t sound like any “Women’s Rights Movement” that we’ve heard of in the past. It seems unless we have a penis we have no rights at all. Whether it’s in women’s sports, schools and universities, corporations, medical, or government, men rule whether they wear suits or dresses. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just shoot us. All they need are men.

We really would like to hear from you Gloria. Say something. You spoke in the past on various aspects of this predicament. Those that followed you seemed to want men to stop crushing them. But not anymore. Now they seem to go along with this insanity. These men wearing dresses don’t even look good. They look disgusting. They look like freaks of nature. If real women looked like them they would be severely ridiculed. Why aren’t women that fought for women’s rights saying anything? Today, it seems those that followed you even force their children and grandchildren to embrace men dressed like women everywhere. It’s as if these women say to their daughters, “Honey, you’re a girl, too bad. Men in dresses are much better than you. Deal with it.”

Gloria, I wonder if your generation of protesters ever thought this would be the plan in the end. If so, we must conclude that the “Women’s Rights Movement” was really just a plan for mass female suicide?

It’s a man’s world, always has been, and always will be. And women today embrace that fact and force it on their children.
Gloria, are you and your fellow trailblazers still for women or are you now against women? Inquiring minds want to know.

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