In this country we have the “right to keep and bear arms.”

But what does that mean?
Pay close attention because this is very important.
First of all, it means we have the right to own and use firearms to defend ourselves. This was written purposely because the writers of the Constitution, which includes the Bill Of Rights, had suffered under a tyrannical government, fought back, and overthrew it. They wanted us to be assured we can do the same if our government becomes tyrannical. They assumed we would. Hmmm…that train may have left the station, but let’s continue on anyway.

Second, we have the “right to bare arms.” That’s right, in this country we have the right to show off those biceps. We can wear sleeveless shirts all we want. Even the former First Lady agrees with this interpretation of The Bill Of Rights and she doesn’t agree with us on anything else. This issue really has brought the country together, left and right, it’s just amazing. And those arms look great.

But not all countries have such a document as our Constitution. Some countries want women covered from head to foot. Those poor women can hardly breathe in there let alone see where they’re walking or running. They probably trip a lot. They might be stoned to death if they bared their arms, even if they looked really good. I wonder if they were forced to wear masks underneath their burkas when the fake pandemic rolled through their lives.

But not here. Women and men are free here, somewhat, kind of, sort of, maybe just a little. But we make the best of it. And we like our arms and we like them bared. They look especially good while bearing a firearm. This is the land of the free and the home of the “we’ll wear whatever we want.” Of course we do have a slight problem with those that prefer wearing the Birthday Suit, though it’s not exactly wearing anything at all, so I don’t know if really counts. And we also have women that seem to think a string counts as swimming attire. These women like to bare butts as well as arms. I would think the string hurts, so I don’t know why they even bother with it. No one can even see the color or design of the string, or which designer made it, or if there’s really even a string in there or not. It is just a string, so who needs a designer anyway, right? But when someone says, “Hey, that looks really good,” they can’t possibly be talking about the string, since no one can see it. We’d need someone to verify its existence. That would be a rough job.

We do live in a great country, up until now anyway. But the CCP will soon be on our shores, if they’re not already. From what I’ve seen they want those arms and butts covered up real well. So enjoy the fresh air while you can on those exposed body parts, especially those private parts, because it’s coming to an end real soon. And I’m not talking about the end that the string is buried in.

(Oh, c’mon. Don’t act so shocked, someone had to say it.)
All Hail Xi!

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  1. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the right to bear arms is written upfront first tow amendments in the Constitution. You can’t really miss those two. Yet the socialist side of the of the elected and non-elected want to ignore those real rights, and assume that things like abortion and education are Constitutional rights, when there is not a word about either abortion or education in the Constitution.

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