The Legacy of a Dick

He really is a Dick. We’re not trying to be mean, that’s his name. But he has a daughter that’s a dick too. Now we are trying to be mean because her name is really Liz, but if we called her a Liz, that wouldn’t make any sense. So we’ll settle on either calling her a dick or a daughter-of-a-dick. We’ll consider that to be something like a son-of-a-bitch, but different, she’s a dick. Dick, the real one, told us a lot of lies. He said there were WMDs in Iraq. Dick and Bush, another dick, killed and maimed lots of soldiers. They sent scores of soldiers to look for these mythical WMDs, but multitudes were killed instead. There weren’t any to be found. Dick is such a Dick, he spent many years looking for these non-existent weapons. They should have been impeached for their crimes against humanity.
Too bad they weren’t.
But the apple, or dick, doesn’t fall far from the tree. Liz, the dick, is spending much too much time and money looking for crimes that Donald J. Trump committed. She hasn’t found any so she making them up. That’s because she’s a dick. She even brought in people to purposely perjure themselves to further this effort. This family of dicks are not decent people. And the original Dick is old. He’ll die soon and he won’t be standing before a dick when he does. Now would be a good time to rethink his life’s work. Maybe advise his daughter-of-a-dick, Liz, to let go of fairy tales. Just tell the truth; they don’t like Trump. That’s it. That’s his crime. Oh, and maybe he started to uncover some crimes that the real Dick took part in. They’re not fairy tales either. He is a member of the CFR after all, and they’ll institute a one-world-government if it kills us, and it will.

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