The Aborted Watched

They discussed why this was done to them. They wondered why so many thought they had no rights. They’re people just like everyone else. Other people have rights, why don’t they? They didn’t ask to be here. She could have controlled her passions. But she didn’t. None of her friends did either. But that shouldn’t mean they have no rights. Didn’t she like them? She seemed to hate them. She called them names. She said they weren’t human. They cried. They wished they could have spoken to her, to all of them. But they couldn’t. They’re the aborted ones. No one wants to hear from them.
They all seemed so angry. Why do they scream so much at them? What did they do to them? They never hurt her or her friends. But they were hurt. They were hurt a lot. But she never heard them calling out to her to help them. Her friends weren’t listening at all. They each called out in pain, “Save me!” But they didn’t hear them. One minute they existed and the next minute they were cut in pieces and flushed down the toilet or sold for body parts.
But He made them, and He will now be their comfort.

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