Imagine if you will…

Imagine if you will…it’s the very day that “Drs.” Fauci and Birx burst into President Trump’s office with their hair on fire, screaming at the top of their lungs “We’re all going to die in the streets, millions of us! A Chicom bat has been unleashed, we’re all dead meat!”

Now, “remember” what happened after that?

Okay. Now “imagine” instead that Trump said to himself, “For the past 3+ years everyone in government has been out to get me, with lie after lie, and hoax after hoax. I wonder who this little gnome is. He’s so short. Is he part of the evil cabal?” And right then, Trump decided to have Fauci investigated. So he would look for someone trustworthy (probably from another planet or maybe Sidney Powell), to investigate Fauci’s history. Maybe even contact Dr. David Martin. He has a treasure trove of information on crimes committed by Fauci. For the past 4 decades Fauci really did cause people to die in the streets, puppies too. Trump would have found out posthaste that Fauci was part of the Great Reset Depopulation Syndicate. 

At this point Trump could have had Fauci and Birx arrested, bombed Chapel Hill and Wuhan Gain of Function Labs, and had Bill Gates hunted down and exterminated (with his own vaccines) for crimes against humanity. Millions would still be alive and would not have been murdered by the doctors they once trusted, men would not be sterile, women would not have had millions of miscarriages, multitudes would not be permanently injured, Trump might have been reelected, we wouldn’t have to worry about toilet paper, and gas would not cost $10.00 a gallon.

But this would necessitate entering into a real twilight zone.

I did say “imagine.”

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  1. I imagine that Trump said to himself ‘Supposing I just go along with it, let them think I am ignorant. Let them expose themselves and their criminality. And when people start to wake up to this, a sleeping giant of the righteous will rise up to defeat evil once and for all.’

    That’s what I imagine. The coldest part of the night is just before dawn. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.

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