People make mistakes

Sometimes they don’t, but are accused of making mistakes anyway.
Some people are always forgiven for any mistake. They can do no wrong. They’re special people blessed with high favorability among all mankind. That’s a good thing and may have to do with a personality trait or the road God set them on. But who really knows.

But some are not forgiven. For some, perfection is required. They may be ridiculed, scolded or shunned, whether there was a real offense or a perceived offense. Sometimes it’s not even inquired about and no chance for a defense is given. It’s a hard road that God may have set them. We don’t really know. Who knows why some are treated one way and some the other way?

But perfection is not possible. We’re all sinners. Those with high favorability among men may miss this indictment from God in Scripture. That may be a problem in the end. It’s His indictment of all of us. We all die because we’re sinners and hardly perfect.

Those that are castigated more than others know full well they’re sinners. No doubt about it, it’s drilled into their head. And even then, they will never know the depths of their sin. But God knows.
If there is no forgiveness for these people from other sinners in this life, what do they do? What can they do? How do they bear such a burden that they may have viewed differently, and may not exist except in the mind of another sinner with different thoughts?

All life is give and take, helping and being helped, giving and receiving, hopefully all with gratitude. But for some this is not granted. Perfection is demanded. Why?

How do we go to our graves with grudges or refusing to grant that which we all crave; forgiveness and understanding?

We all think differently. Is difference the unpardonable sin? We all answer to the one true God. Mercy is a grace we don’t deserve. Yet our God alone grants it and forgives all sin. We surely don’t. We desperately need mercy from each other. Life is hard enough without making it worse unnecessarily, that is, over temporal issues that end in death. Nothing we do to each other, whether it’s real or perceived harm, equals our sin against our Creator. Yet He forgives us because the Son of God, Jesus Christ, paid for our sins.

It is finished.

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