Rachel, You Are A “He” Like It Or Not

Our country is being invaded by millions of illegal aliens and our senate is about to vote to confirm a judge for SCOTUS that supports child rape and torture. We also have an Assistant Secretary for Health, Rachel Levine, who is a man that dresses like a woman and celebrates that we have a president, Joe Biden, that “sees” him.

The whole world “sees” him, and us. 

The CCP sees the deterioration and perversion of the USA. The CCP sees that neither the USA government nor the citizens will defend their borders. The CCP sees that neither the USA government nor the citizens will rectify a coup d’état that occurred in November 2020. The CCP and the Great Reset crowd saw how easily we were deluded and submitted to poisoning ourselves and those we love without questioning anything the USA government and our esteemed Doctor Fauci said (this is remarkable considering Fauci has an extensive history of mimicking Dr. Mengele quite well).

Yes Rachel baby, we all see you. And those that can still think, know the USA is sinking faster than anyone could have predicted, in every way possible. The CCP will be on shore any day now while we’re distracted with the gangsterland of Ukraine.

Our children will curse our names one day.

Oh, and Rachel, you are a “he” like it or not.

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