I’m More Educated Than I Ever Knew

So, here’s the deal.
I could use a little extra cash but I don’t want to do any heavy lifting. But now I realize that I can teach…BIOLOGY! Whoa! That’s really is good news because now I can also get into one of those really fabulous teachers unions. Now I can scream freely at parents that they have no idea of how to raise their children for the New World Order that has finally arrived. But I do, because now I’m a teacher of Biology.

This is an amazing turn of events. All because I can define what a “woman” is. Isn’t that cool. I also can define what a “male” is. Here they are:
Woman: a person that God created with a vagina.
Male: a person that God created with a penis.
See not hard at all.

I could teach English as well as Biology because I know pronouns.
He: a person with a penis.
She: person with a vagina.
It: neither of the above.
Hesheit: doesn’t exist except in the “minds” of the insane, or people taught by the current Teachers of America! Yeah, I know, that was a bit redundant.

I could even be on SCOTUS because I have answers to many of the questions that were asked the past couple of days in Congress. They weren’t deep. 

Biden said he wanted diversity on the SCOTUS. At this time we have two stupid, confused, Great Reset women on the SCOTUS already. Do we really need a third, more of the same? That is not the definition of diversity. Here it is:
Diversity: difference or variety.

See, I’m pretty good at this stuff.
Dictionaries can be fun.
That’s the end of class for today.

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