Where Did The Conscience Go?

Reading through Scripture Jesus told us we would have trouble in this life. He told us there would be wars and rumors of war until the end. He told us that He gives us peace “NOT” as the world gives peace. That means we have been given peace with God since Jesus paid for our sins, that war is over. But Jesus also tells us we’re going to go through “hell” (my translation) before He returns. We will not have peace with men in this life, that comes in the resurrection. And Paul tells us our real enemies are spiritual in nature. 

This doesn’t mean demons are jumping all around and we can pick them off with our AK-47s.
Our spiritual enemies use people.

That’s why I asked the question, “where did the conscience go?”

We’re all sinners, but even atheists have consciences and when they harm others it bothers their conscience. Every now and then over the years I would run into one or two people that seemed to have no conscience. Over the years I noticed more and more, but they all love power.

But then Trump got elected. This really isn’t about him, I don’t think he even realizes what happened. He knows about the hoaxes against him but I don’t know if he noticed anything else. But a lot of us have noticed.

Is there anyone in government, pharmaceuticals/medical, military, intelligence agencies, corporations, education and media that tell the truth? Doesn’t lying bother their conscience? How about neighbors and fellow employees? Not only do they lie to us, they lie to others about us and those people just believe the lie without asking for a second opinion.

The worst are the churches. They deal with people’s eternal state and most ministers or priests can’t be questioned. They love power as much as the secular world does. Are their consciences in disrepair? There is not one denomination that holds to all of Scripture, just their favorite parts that match the doctrines they’ve created. So many ministers and priests go along with their denominations even when they KNOW they don’t match Scripture (much like doctors and nurses went along with the big lie of coding everything Covid 19, no difference at all). And most church members go along with it too. Don’t their consciences ever disturb them by what they hear? We can all read Scripture and check if what we’ve heard is true, but too many don’t. And some things that are taught in churches aren’t written down at all. God says there are secret things and they’re none of our business. But too many churches insist on putting words in God’s mouth. And too many churches are just fronts for political parties these days. They have nothing to do with God.

And surely you folks have noticed that there really is one party in government. Whether it’s the Clintons, Bush’s, Obamas and Congress, they’re all in league together. They have us little people fighting each other as if there’s a difference. There’s NOT! They’re liars with not a single conscience between them.

Many people are noticing this predicament more and more. It’s all over the place. But you can only step on one cockroach at a time, and then there’s another and another and a whole freakin’ army.

We’re in a bad age and it’s going to get worse. We really need to protect our consciences or they die. If they bother us we should deal with the problem, repent to God and whoever we harmed. But just because these people have a position of man-made authority and a fancy title does not mean we have to follow them to hell.

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