Channeling The Maverick

Just in case you’re offended, you’ve been warned. But my money says you’ll agree with me even if you won’t say so, but that’s okay since I’m “open minded.

Lindsey Graham, the former little bitch of John McCain, has evoked the “sainted” McCain’s name, stating that he would agree, with the little bitch Graham, that we should go to war against Russia. And he would also agree that someone should take Putin out (and he didn’t mean to dinner). Make no mistake that if we create a no fly zone IT IS WAR WITH RUSSIA! Matter of fact, if we assist at all IT IS WAR WITH RUSSIA!

But let’s remember this “Sainted Maverick” as he truly was (being dead does not make one good). This puppet master of the little bitch Graham, heard about the creation of the fake dossier on Trump and sent people to the UK to get it and then he gave it to the FBI. Well isn’t that special. No, he was NOT a good man, and now he is a not good dead man.

For some odd reason the extreme disgust that many people had and still have for McCain has eluded his little bitch. He still thinks by evoking his name we will all suddenly send our sons and daughters to Ukraine for another freakin’ war that has nothing to do with us. 


Is there something in the water in South Carolina? What in the world were they thinking by sending this little bitch back to the Senate again and again for us to “enjoy” since 2003? 2003!!! Enough already! Don’t you folks have any other loons to elect that could screw up the country just as well as Graham?

I really shouldn’t talk since I live in Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth that made election fraud fun again. Our Supreme Court, Secretary of State and Governor declared “WE NEED MORE BALLOTS!” Nobody loves counting ballots like Pennsylvanians. We all said “If only there were more ballots to count,” and lo and behold, THERE WERE!!! Poof! Like magic they just kept appearing. We love counting ballots so much and we found way more ballots than we have citizens. Nobody loves counting ballots like Pennsylvania, we have a reputation to protection. Nobody does it better.

If only we still had “The Maverick” around to reach across the aisle to sell us out, just one more time. But at least we still do have his little bitch Lindsey channeling him from the dead. He’s so dedicated, he’s like a dog with a bone, just won’t let him go.

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