Remember How The Left Loved Mother Russia

Does anyone remember how much the left of the political spectrum used to love and support the USSR and Communism? Bernie even honeymooned in Russia. Now he’s blaming Putin for acting just like the Ruskies have always acted and Bernie used to support them. Russia used to love the left, especially the Clintons. They gave the Clintons a bazillion dollars for our Uranium.

But the left owns the narrative (the media) that we must believe or we are “Traitors to Democracy” at least according to that fake Republican Mitt Romney who much prefers the company of the terrorist group Black Lives Matter that he marched and protested with (I wonder what he has to protest against? Hmmm…). He’s all for war as long as no one in his family has to go.

By the way, the left is in both parties. Whether we call them socialists or globalists, the one thing our leaders have in common is they’re not Americans.

So these days the narrative changed and so did the distractions they use. This push for war breaks our hearts until we see those suffering running away instead of fighting. But we also have turned our gaze from the only real threat we have at the moment; the CCP. The socialists and globalists are in bed with the most heinous people on earth. The CCP have been torturing and murdering they own people since the days of dear Chairman Mao. (I hear he’s bunking with Hitler and Stalin these days, but that could be misinformation from RUSSIA for all I know.) No one slaughters people like Chairman Mao did, and Xi is following in his footsteps, he’s trying hard to match him.

So while the federal Uni-Party, the DC Commiefascists, dangle the bright shiny light of the evil Putin in front of us every day and the Zelenskyy screams that “we must do more” not “them” but “we must do more and must bleed for them”, the CCP has been buying up huge portions of Mother Earth. They own much of the USA and much of the rest of the planet. Our Uni-Party gave them the keys to the kingdom decades ago. The CCP tolerates Russia and Putin for now, but their time will run out and the CCP will crush them. Putin may be former KGB but he is no match for Xi and the CCP.

Should the Lord delay in returning, we will either be slaves or dead. I’m sure the kings of delusion are proud of themselves.

It’s a great time to be alive.

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