Can Any Photographer Help With This Problem?

I use:
– iMac 10.14.6 -Mojave.
-Photoshop CS6 (I don’t want to pay for a subscription since I’m retired & Biden is breaking the bank)
-Adobe DNG Converter
-Camera Raw 8.3

Last Fall, before I got sick everything worked, now DNG Converter has all new and old files grayed out. No matter what folder I pick, they’re all grayed out and it will not convert anything.
I changed nothing, added nothing, since I’m at the limit for CS6.

I wrote to the Adobe Forum and a few people gave suggestions but they didn’t work. Adobe contacted me and said I could email

and they would help through email, but nothing they said worked.

Does anyone up here have any idea what may have happened and what to do about it?

I have other photo programs that open raw files and I’ll go with them if this can’t be resolved but I would prefer DNG Converter.

Thanks to anyone that may have a suggestion.


6 thoughts on “Can Any Photographer Help With This Problem?

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    1. Thanks Kaya. I read the thread but I can’t get a newer version with PS6. It’s so baffling since nothing changed and everything worked couple months ago.

  1. What’s the source of your DNG files? Do you have a choice of using RAW files instead? Although, you may end up with the same issue with RAW. I have not used CS6 in years, so I’m not able to help. Do you have Affinity Photo? There’s no subscription for Affinity Photo. it’s a really good program.

    1. Hi Tim, I use a Canon T6S with CR2 files. They have to be converted since they won’t open in PS6. But I did get Affinity and it is pretty good, but a bit of a learning curve. ON1 is good too and both open Raw directly. If I’m forced to use them I’ll upgrade my whole system at that point. Thanks for answering.

      1. If you can go all the way to Monterey on your iMac, it’s really good. As you know, once you upgrade beyond Mojave, you lose all your 32-bit apps. I like Affinity better than On1, but I keep On1 current, which is costs more annually than my $10/month Adobe photo subscription. The only reason I keep the adobe subscription is that it’s cheap and I like Bridge for organizing photos, and camera raw for processing photos. Camera raw is superior to the raw processing in Affinity Photoa and On1 RAW IMO. If you like camera raw, you would love the latest version once you got over the shock of how different it is from what you use now. I mainly use Photoshop for resizing photos in a batch. Affity Photo has really good batch processing, also.

      2. Thanks for your advice. Now I have to think and see what will or won’t work if I upgrade. I really am a cyber-phobe. But it can’t be worse than these last 4 months. Thanks Tim.

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