Bring Back The Nuremberg Trials

There are clearly different medical opinions on most issues, and there should be. We call it “The Medical Arts” for a reason. Not everything is proven, and Dr. Fauci is NOT science itself whether he thinks he is or not. Fauci is about as much “science” as Mr. Biden is “president.” Fauci is nothing but a bagman for Big Pharma and the Great Reset. His arrogance should tip off the human race to his lies, but for some reason it hasn’t. 

1st, there are the doctors, nurses, hospitals that sold their souls to the Big Pharma-Fauci-Wuhan hustle that bat viruses can jump into humans. This is a lie and can’t be done unless manipulated by humans to do so. But these medical Big Pharma whores made a lot of money by treating people for something they did not have and they caused millions of deaths. These medical people have no conscience. 

The 2nd group of doctors “seem” to believe Covid 19 is a “real” virus but that inexpensive well known drugs can and have cured it. And these drugs did cure whatever they had. But the government tries very hard to shut these doctors down. At least most of these doctors care about their patients, and when they see obvious disease or strange anomalies they look for true remedies. These remedies have been around for a long time and cure a lot of different problems.

The 3rd group of medical people see that there is nothing natural about this “virus” and the “vaccine” is not a real vaccine. They see these 2 are bioweapons. Some have questioned the existence of “viruses” since most have never been isolated and proven to exist at all according to legitimate methods. 

My belief is more in line with the 3rd group but I have a big question. Does the “bioweapon virus” and “fake-vaccine” act the same as natural illnesses and vaccines in the body? From what I have read, studied and experienced I don’t think so, they’re much worse. They’re deadly short term and cause many long term problems and will get more deadly with each “new and improved booster shot.” If a person is required to sign a release from all liability but at the same time forced to take the shot, and then does, I don’t even know what to say to that. Signing away your right to hold people accountable for harming you, by forcing something into your body is not wise. Big Pharma will get very rich while you will develop “new and improved” illnesses, but will become permanent customers.

This is purposeful mass homicide by our government, or as Edward Dowd would say democide (murder of any person or people by their government). I hope someday if we get past this latest government attack (there have been so many, but they’re really getting good at it) we can have something like the Nuremberg Trials. Many, many people were in on the planning and execution of this democide and must be made to pay for their crimes against humanity.

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